Get the Low-Down on New “RHOBH” Memeber Carlton Gebbia

 CARLTON GEBBIA ~ You know you want to know more about this multi-faceted housewife~


Quick Facts
  • AGE : 40
  • HOMETOWN:  London, England
  • PROFESSION:  Interior architectural designer, and is also currently writing a horror script
  • LOVES:  Animals and Nature, she did say she does good/white witchcraft now:)
  • NET-WORTH:  5O Million
  • FUN FACTS:  She made out with fellow RHOBH caste-mate Brandi Glanville, and admits she likes kissing sexy attractive women.  She also only hires beautiful women to work for her because she has to look at them too.
I personally like Carlton on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I find her to be very confident, strong, and interesting.  She also doesn’t seem fake, which is hard to come by lately on the show.  Since she is unique to the group, I wanted to learn more about her, and this is what i found:
Carlton Gebbia, grew up in both London & South Africa before coming to the United States and residing in Los Angeles to pursue a professional acting career.  She’s very passionate about her life, and lives it the way she wants to.  She could give a f*ck what anyone thinks, and I kinda like that about her.


She’s been married to her husband, David Gebbia, (pictured above) for more than 8 years.  David runs the “Family Businesses” alongside his Father and 2 brothers.  The Businesses include: StockCross Financial Services, an investment firm, Rival Sports Group, a pro-athlete sports management firm, and Gebbia Custom Estates, a high-end custom real estate development firm.  David has also has produced the TV movie “Pretty When You Cry” starring Sam Elliot.  Although Carlton is a practicing Wiccan, David is a non-practicing Catholic that fully supports his wife Carlton’s beliefs.

The couple must have used both Carlton’s creativity and David’s talent with architecture because they built an absolutely stunning Gothic-European-Castle for a home, that they currently reside in.  (Kyle Richards, however likes to refer to it as the “Harry Potter” Home). The couple have three children together; Destiny, 11, Mysteri, 10, and Cross, 2.  I also like the she doesn’t let people mock her children’s names because she wasn’t afraid to be unique and let them have their own identity.  I have a son named:  “Boss”, and I get the same way when anyone tries to question his name.

Unknown images

Carlton Gebbia is also sensitive when it comes to her faith, which makes me hesitant to report on it, yet I’m very intrigued and interested.  Prior to joining RHOBH, Carlton informed Bravo that she was a witch before filming.  Many of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast-mates had trouble understanding this.  For example, Kyle Richards had no problem cutting right to the chase on camera to ask Carlton about her religion during her first visit to Carlton’s (pictured above) home when filming.  Then, talk show host, Wendy Williams made sarcastic comments on her live show that Kyle should be worried about Carlton’s evil witchcraft.

Needless to say, Carlton was insulted by Williams and took to her personal Twitter stating:

“It’s disappointing when some1 like u who understands prejudice casts such public dispersions on a religion u don’t understand.”

When Carlton was asked about her religion by People Magazine she had this to say:

“My ancestry is Celtic, which means we’re from all over England, but my grandmother was a Pagan who practiced witchcraft. I’m Pagan, but under the umbrella of Paganism, Wicca is part of one of the religions. I’m a solitary practitioner, which means I don’t belong to a group or a coven. I have taken traditions from traditional witchcraft, so it’s more of a personal faith. I’ve been very quiet and protective over what I believe in just because there’s ignorance in people”

Images that appear when you “Google Image Search” Celtic, Pagan, Wicca

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